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 Anni Johnson   2023-02-07 14:08:11 

Beautiful paintings.
 Sheila Berman   2020-08-22 14:05:32 

Please add me to your email list.

Best wishes on your new endeavors - I met you in Benicia at the gallery. My family lives in Benicia and I miss them and the town since I live out of town and Covid prevents travel. So I am enjoying your paintings of the Bay area while I wait til I can return to visit in person !!
 Raoul Rojas   2020-05-01 19:12:56 

I would like to know more about you. Your friend, Lito Ballesteros told me about you. I’m also a retired architectural designer, a graduate from UST in Manila. I hope meet you soon.
 Misuk goltz   2018-06-18 21:38:51 

I looked your website more closely this time and realized again how masterful you are with watercolor! You have a very impressive bio, winning so many awards especially on plein air competition. Great job.

In Watercolor artist magazine August issue, Tom Schiller mentioned easel and sheft you made for him. Is it possible that I can commission you to make one for me?
 Don RAYNER   2018-06-15 06:14:56 

I like the easel and shelf that you made for Thomas Schaller. Where did you get the plans? I would like to make one for myself. I also enjoy your paintings very much. Have a good day.
 Nestor Mercado   2012-10-01 09:39:56 

You have really blossomed into a great artist, both with the cameras and the canvas! It was so evident in our teenage years,
but as you grew more mature, you have metamorphosed from good to excellent. I wish I could add to the only painting I have that you did, but I am afraid to ask the price as you are now a highly regarded artist with multiple awards. Congratulations and regards to Violy!
 Antonio Cayanan   2011-09-06 04:13:49 

Hello Kabayan,

I am deeply touched and moved by your painting style. Your special gift and talent shows on every piece of your  artwork. It will be a great honor and give me unparallel joy to meet you in person and visualized your original masterpieces.

Maraming Salamat,

 andre stewart   2010-12-08 13:50:01 

Hello, I am a friend of Ro and Mario. I love your work. especially the photography.
 isabel Aguirre   2010-11-01 15:26:29 

I love your style of art work and enjoyed seeing all you beautiful paintings. I will study your work in hopes to be as good as you some day.
 Benjie   2010-06-26 17:43:48 

Just have time to see all your paintings and works of are a men of many talents.
Dion and I are so much happy of your hard work and be a part of our 15th year anniversary....thank you
We are now staying at New World Hotel here in Makati where I am attending the American Family Medicine Conference 2010 since yesterday. We will fly to China this's our picture going.....?
 mary lofts   2010-04-28 11:57:53 

Breathtaking paintings!  Thank you for showing them.
 Claudia Mahrt   2010-02-19 16:13:55 

Love your art!
 Horace Crawford   2009-10-28 21:11:04 

Greetings Rolando, Wow, is your web site ever impressive!  I have been enjoying your work just now for over an hour. I have for years admired your renderings of service stations. Now, here on your web site, I am dazzled by your paintings and photography. I plan to save your site in my "favorites" and enjoy it often.
Your old friend,
Horace Crawford
 David Peterson   2009-10-19 12:17:39 

I found your web site. Wonderful paintings! Nice site. I was so honored to meet you at The Capitol Art Center.
 vpadlan   2009-10-07 11:39:33 

beautiful!!! my breath suspended while viewing....such talent, artistry, creativity and a genius mind all put together producing a
master work of art.  I have seen many local artist's works on display but I think that I have not seen one who's theme is as varied and elaborate as your work... how fascinating!!!
 Fred Yniguez   2009-10-05 09:20:51 

The additions to your pieces are as usual - AWESOME! I hope to see more of the originals next time we meet. Fantastic work my friend.
 ben/perla   2009-08-26 16:52:44 

  Rol,  We truly admire your works of art,using different medium and various subjects,they are all superb in color selection,very clean and relaxing to look at.You are truly gifted to grasp and capture the beauty of everything around us and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL,GOD IS GOOD!Thank you  for sharing your web site ,it is equally well designed.We are officially your tagahanga from now on and we will inform my brother ,Nel who is in Hanoi,teaching architecture/interior design.He will be inspired too.   Ben and Perla

 Tina Tofaeono   2009-08-25 14:51:49 

Just finished looking at your work on your website.  Great and beautiful work!  Thank you so much for allowing my daughter to put a little paint on your work on Sunday.  I'm the one with the little girl that kept coming up to you while you were painting in Benicia.  She was so excited telling my mom all about her experience when we went to visit her.  Thanks again for being so kind.  Have a great day!!
 Jo   2009-08-24 11:25:14 

Meeting you yesterday and coming to know your work through your paintings there and on your website was so delightful.  And thanks for your warm inclusion of me as a new member and for sharing your photo of one of your Venice paintings.  It sits on my art table and inspires me!  Happy painting!  Look forward to seeing you again.  Jo
 Willie Reyes   2009-08-19 08:03:41 

I am proud to have you as my classmate, friend and compadre.  Great accomplishments!!!

I hope we can play golf together soon.

Best regards to you and your wife.

 Gerald   2009-08-18 14:47:01 

Where ever you are, all of your paintings are like snapshots of life...Truly masterful strokes with watercolors.
 Junn La Guardia   2009-07-28 08:45:30 

Your vision and creativity in all aspects of your work makes you that artist that dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his picture. Best Wishes Kuya Rol!
 Reggie Barrero   2009-07-13 20:59:49 

Very nice website dad!! Finally got your paintings on the web. Cool!!
 Angelo Tupasi   2009-07-13 17:13:24 

Hello Kuya Roly. Your paintings are truly a work of art. Thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations!
 Sylvia Tupasi Gomez   2009-07-13 17:04:01 

Hi, Kuya Rol. What a great job. You are truly an aritist. See you when you come home.
 Sylvia Tupasi Gomez   2009-07-13 17:04:00 

Hi, Kuya Rol. What a great job. You are truly an aritist. See you when you come home.
 Olet Barrero-Galvez   2009-07-13 04:44:44 

Tito, even though we have not seen each other your FB account, photos, paintings, etc. make us closer.  I like all your art works and photos.  We have "Feed the Birds" painting at home.  Great job!
 Ken Chesney   2009-07-08 14:25:51 

A very creative site reflecting originality, beauty of both man and nature as visualized through your eyes and given to all through your creative mind and artistic talents. I am proud to own some of your work.
 ROWENA   2009-07-08 13:02:41 

Great website dad!  Glad to see it's up and running!  Love the art work and the photos!
 Denise Mancour   2009-07-08 09:26:45 

I am so happy you got this going!!!  I wish you the best of luck as you take  another giant step forward in your art career.  You are much too gifted and I am extatic to see you share your talent with the world!  It is fun to watch you evolve into your"genius"!  Rollie, I am honored to encourage and support your endeavor.  ~Denise Mancour
 Evelyn S Yniguez   2009-07-07 23:14:31 

I am so delighted to see in your own website your fantastic works of art.  Congratulations!!!  
 Negar Fazeli   2009-07-07 16:33:49 

Great website Rollie!!!  It's wonderful to see you're sharing your extraordinary talent as an artist and photographer.  So proud of you and can't wait to get the word out to others to check out your amazing masterpieces!  Best wishes!
 Emily Sloviko   2009-07-07 15:58:01 

What a treat to see your work. I am so glad Priscilla turned me on to your talent--- both as an artist and photographer. Your subject matter and your palette are so energetic. I loved visiting Venice through your art. Keep up the wonderful work!!!!!!!!
 Fred Yniguez   2009-07-07 11:20:45 

Congratulations Rollie! You finally got your website the world can discover a great artist that has been dormant for too long. Your works are truly much like you, the artist.
 Janice Lopez-Hrit   2009-07-07 09:11:41 

Rollie - Wonderful website.  You are SO talented!  I enjoyed viewing and studying your watercolors and photographs.
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